Never work just for money or for power. They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night.
-Marian Wright Edelman

Hey, Collin County Parents!

“Close your eyes and bend over.”

Uhm, excuse me?

“Don’t worry Dad, its nothing bad,” my daughter reassured me.

Well, that’s a relief!

That’s how my birthday started earlier this week.  Yep, the big 3-5.  The girls wanted me to close my eyes to surprise me with a “Happy Birthday” sign that they spent the last three days creating.  And my youngest daughter wanted me to bend over so that she could put on my head the three-inch around crown she made for me.  The girls had decided that since it was by birthday, I should be crowned be “King For a Day.”

As you can see, there is never a dull moment around Casa de Miller.

Well, this week I want to talk about money.  You see, as much as we all would like to remember to “keep our chin up,” it is easy for people who find themselves falling into a pit of worry.  This is especially true in this economy–and with all of the media hysteria we’re subjected to. These are powerful voices, and they happen to coincide with “facts on the ground” which we all do see.

So… I’ve got some additional thoughts about how to free yourself from the morass of money worries in this week’s Personal Strategy Note.

Read on…and send your feedback!

Aaron Miller’s
“Straight Talk” Personal Strategy
How Not To Worry About Money

With all of the news about spiraling federal debt, it’s natural that Americans are taking a hard look at their own situation, and it sometimes leads to worry–even for those who are relatively secure.

Interestingly, it seems that people who have MORE cash in the bank often worry more! Funny, right? But it’s normal human nature…

You see, under all guidelines and measures, my finances are very solid. I’ve got a thriving business that is more secure than most people’s jobs. Yet, I still sometimes worry about money.

After a lengthy time of thinking, some discussion, and more thoughts on this, I’ve listed a few ideas that can help reduce the worry about money.

1. Realize that It’s Exaggerated – Worry is a funny feeling – it seems to exaggerate any problem. While there are certainly many people who actually run out of money, those are usually not the people that tend to worry.

2. Spend the Same Time Making Money Instead – If you are going to spend time worrying about money, why not use that time and get a side job instead? Maybe start a website (or two, or three). I know it’s easier said than done, but the more you work at it, the easier it gets.

3. Confidence – Part of the reason why we worry about money is because of the lack of confidence in our own abilities to earn an income. How can we boost our confidence you ask? Confidence comes from success, and success starts from taking action. So try a few things. Learn from it and try again.

4. The workplace plays a big role in all this as well – Are your colleagues encouraging? Is your boss supportive? If not, then do something about it. Don’t get into the thinking of “I can’t find another job”. Yes you can. If you got this job, you can get another one.

5. Worrying is Actually Good – While that may sound strange, a little worrying is actually healthy for us. It’s what drives us to be better. It’s what turns our energy switch to the on position. The right way to deal with it is to channel it into your work ethic, and your desire to be better.

How Do You Deal with It?

Of course, what I listed are just a tip of the iceberg. How do you deal with worrying about the lack of money? Or do you? What has worked for you? Let me know!

To your wealth, health, and happiness,

“King” (at least for a day) Aaron

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