FREE Seminar to Learn The 8 Myths of Estate Planning

Are You and Your Family Protected?

According to the American Bar Association, 55% of the adult population does not have an estate plan. If you’re ready to put a plan in place to protect your family, attending this FREE seminar is a must! 

Estate Planning isn’t just for the “wealthy.” You should plan to attend this seminar if you are 55 or older and have a desire to:

  • Reduce or eliminate stress on your family after you pass
  • Have your wishes in place if you become seriously ill
  • Protect your life savings from being spent on nursing home care
  • Make sure your kids don’t lose your money due to divorce or creditor issues
  • Learn the answers and solutions you have been looking for to protect your family

At the seminar, you will discover:

  • What an Estate Plan is and what it ISN’T
  • Why Estate Planning is not something you can put off until later
  • How falling for the Eight BIG Myths about estate planning could leave you and your family unprotected
  • What to do if you or a loved one might need to pay for nursing home care
  • And MUCH more!

If you do not have an Estate Plan (or if it has been five years since you put a plan in place), attending this seminar is a MUST! In the words of some past attendees:

"What I expected was first class service and that is what I received…. I highly recommend them."  - M. Monk

The firm “was very thorough in our will and the wording and explanation to us. We felt like our questions were answered and we are very satisfied.” - M. & S. Arwood

Topics Covered in Our Free Estate Planning Seminar:

Are you accepting the “State’s Rules” for your family by default?

People often put off their planning because they think that they have plenty of time because they aren’t “old.”

But there are two types of planning: 1) Planning where you are in control, or 2) Planning where someone else is in control. If you have not created an estate plan, then you have defaulted to the “State’s Rules” for your family.

What are the State’s Rules?

If you don’t put planning in place yourself, the state has a plan for your family for what happens to you if you become unable to understand financial decisions or if you pass away. In this scenario, you have NO CONTROL. Many people think that their assets will just automatically pass to their spouse, but that is often not the case. In fact, if you are under the state’s rules, your assets might go to your children, parents, or siblings, instead of your spouse.

Protect Your Kids

Often parents leave their children money outright, thinking that they are doing them a favor. But according to a recent online Money magazine article, it takes about 19 days for someone who has received an inheritance to purchase a new car. In other words, they start to blow it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of letting them have your money outright, it is possible to protect it from themselves. Or if they are responsible, you can still protect it from being sucked away by creditors or your no-good so and so, son or daughter-in-law. And if they are responsible or you think they will be when they get a little bit older, it can be done in a way that they can have control over the money.

What is your plan for long term care?

Many people are shocked to find out that long term nursing home care in our area can cost about $60,000 per year! According to one study, 69% of those over 65 will need some form of long term care. Yet most people have absolutely no planning for their care. In fact, it is probably a safe bet that most people spend more time planning their vacation than what is going to happen to them if they become seriously ill. As a result, many Americans lose their life savings. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We can show you how that can all be avoided.

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