If you are a frequent reader of our Plano elder law blog, you know that we talk a lot about how to take care of your older and/or disabled loved ones. We are passionate about helping people spend their end of life as comfortably and securely as possible.

However, one thing that we don’t discuss quite as frequently is how to help you, the caregiver, take care of your elderly loved one while making sure that YOU stay healthy and secure. That is why we offer you this quick test to see if you are remembering how important you are and if you are taking steps to ensure that you take care of yourself.

Please check the appropriate column for each response.

I eat a healthy diet                                                       Yes                      No                        Needs work
I get 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night                           Yes                      No                        Needs work
I get adequate exercise                                                Yes                      No                        Needs work
I pursue my hobbies                                                     Yes                      No                       Needs work
I have a network of friends to rely on                        Yes                      No                       Needs work
I take time to have fun                                                 Yes                      No                       Needs work
I ask for help when I need it                                        Yes                      No                       Needs work
I am getting the medical help I need                          Yes                      No                       Needs work
My employer is aware of my responsibilities            Yes                      No                       Needs work
I am easy on myself when things go wrong               Yes                      No                       Needs work

Ideally, you have checked all “yes” answers.  But, if you have more than 2 or 3 “no” or “needs work” answers, it’s time to take steps to get the help you so desperately need.

The good news is that help does exist. If you haven’t yet, ask family and friends for help. You may be surprised at the number of people willing to step up.

Help is also available through government and community resources. If you need help sorting through the services available, give our Plano elder law firm a call so we can help you sort through the choices as well as talk you through the options for paying for them and protecting your elderly loved one’s nest egg.

The moral of this post is that being a great caregiver REQUIRES that you take care of yourself. The better you feel the better your loved one will feel. We promise!

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