No matter how hot the day, never park your motorcycle under a tree full of birds.
– God

Hello Collin County Parents,

Yes, the quote above was a lesson learned the hard (and messy!) way.  I certainly won’t be doing that again!!  Thankfully I happened to have some paper towels with me.  Sometimes God teaches you the lesson before hand, and sometimes after.  (And sometimes the lessons learned afterwards stick the best.)  This is one that definitely stuck.

Well, another Halloween came and went.  This year the girls dressed up as a Fairy Queen (not a fairy princess I was informed), a jellyfish, and Sleeping Beauty.  They had a total blast with about 20 kids from the neighborhood walking around collecting candy.  This was the first year the girls actually carved pumpkins too (usually they just painted them), which was really cool — except for the fact that they got moldy so fast!  I would have thought they’d last more than a couple of days, but maybe that was just us.

This week I ran across some great tips for something which is relevant to more and more folks so I thought I’d share…

Aaron Miller’s
“Straight Talk” Personal Strategy
The Perfect Home Office

These days, many of our friends work all or part of the time from home, making a home office a necessity. And while I have never proclaimed myself a “design guru”, here are some “real world” tips for creating the perfect home office…

Layout – This may seem an obvious one, but it’s quite a common mistake–make sure your space fits what you’re going to put there! Before you buy any new furniture, make sure you measure and plot where each piece will go, and don’t forget to account for electrical and cable outlets.

Furniture – The desk is obviously important. A desk that’s roughly 60-inches wide, 30-inches deep, and 29-inches high is not only conducive to work, but it’s highly functional in terms of storing the items you use regularly. Your chair should be comfortable, but its primary function should be to promote healthy posture. Good posture will facilitate strong mental focus and will help to alleviate back and neck pain.

Lighting – This part can really set the mood for productivity…or for annoyance. If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your office, this should serve as your primary light source during the day. Natural light is easy on the eyes and promotes physical energy as well as a good mood. It’s also free. Large lights like floor lamps and ceiling lights should have the ability to be dimmed. Also, make sure your desk lamp is equipped with a light bulb that’s easy on the eyes. These “soft” light bulbs can be found anywhere, from office supply stores to grocery stores.

Storage – Some obvious, and some not-so-obvious storage secrets:
– Closets are great for storage. Not only can they house filing cabinets, but they are also perfect for storing the items you don’t need to access on a regular basis. This helps to maximize the actual workspace of your office.
– Shelving is one of the most versatile options for storage. Shelves can be purchased cheaply and come in a variety of sizes. They are easily installed and take up zero floor space.
– Don’t forget about your garage. When it comes to older files or anything that is rarely accessed, a garage can provide ample storage space. Word to the wise, however, the garage can be a dirty place. Plan accordingly by storing paper items in boxes and wrapping equipment in protective plastic.
– Visit a store that’s dedicated to home organization. Nowadays it seems like nearly every mall has a store of this kind. You’d be surprised at some of the inexpensive, space-saving storage options available.

Wall Organizers – Use them. Dry erase boards, chalkboards, corkboards, and magnetic boards are fantastic tools for keeping clutter off your desk. They are inexpensive and available everywhere in a variety of sizes. There are even combination boards that provide countless options.

Cords – Have you ever tripped up on a tangled mess of electric cords? Me too. Never underestimate the importance of power strips as they provide the ability to plug multiple devices into one outlet. The better power strips also provide surge protection to the equipment that’s plugged into them. In addition, cord covers are a great way to not only hide cords but to keep them from becoming a tangled mess. They can be purchased quite cheaply at any electronics store.

Décor – Here’s where you can really make a difference. Certificates, diplomas, awards, trophies, and pictures not only complement an office, but they also help to personalize it. It’s also a great idea to put “triggers” on your wall which motivate, inspire and help you to maintain the proper mindset for creating wealth.

Follow these simple steps, and more organization, function, focus–and wealth-building could be right around the corner.

I hope this helps!

To your family’s wealth, health, and happiness!

Aaron Miller

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