Secret 1. The government can actually help pay for care.Worried about losing your money to a nursing home?

It sounds like the punchline to an old joke: I’m from the government and I’m here to help. But in this case, it really is true. If you have a loved one in a nursing home in Texas, then there are programs to help them pay for long term care. The best part is (although many people will tell you otherwise), you don’t have to be penniless to get help. You just need someone experienced to help you figure it all out.

Secret 2. You don’t actually have too much money.

Lots of people are told (or assume) that they have to much money to qualify for government assistance for long term care. They think that the benefit is for “poor people.” But they don’t realize that the majority of middle-class Americans actually get the government to help pay for long term care. Many people make the mistake of “spending down” all their money until there is nothing left. This leaves them with nothing to take care of themselves with and nothing to leave their children. It breaks my heart when someone has been in a nursing home for several years and they can “finally” get government help. This just doesn’t have to happen.

Secret 3. The government can’t take your house from you unless you let them.

Many people shy away from getting government help for long term care because they are afraid that the “government will take your house.” The problem is, while this can be true if nothing is done to protect the house, simple planning can make sure the house is protected and insures that it stays in the family.

If you are worried about paying for long term care, or if have a loved one in a nursing home, give us a call today at 214-292-4225 to schedule an appointment to discuss how you or your loved one can get help.


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