Hope for Caregivers: ABCs of Long-Term Care and Legal Planning

There is a lot to think about when a parent, spouse, or other loved one begins to show signs of no longer being able to care for themselves. As a caregiver, you want to be as prepared as possible to make the decisions that will need to be made and to help your loved one protect their hard-earned assets from expensive nursing homes. That is why elder law attorney Aaron Miller wrote his book, Hope for Caregivers: ABCs of Long-Term Care and Legal Planning. He believes that caregivers need just as much support as the disabled loved one and he gives that support through a wealth of helpful information in this free book.

How This Book Can Help You

Beginning with tips for having important conversations with your aging loved ones and ending with sources of help that are available to you, this guide covers it all. Some of the helpful information you will find include the following:

  • Questions to ask to discover your loved one’s wishes
  • A health care quiz for both the caregiver and elderly person to get the conversation started
  • Information about the legal documents you will need to have in place
  • An examination of the cost of long-term care and possible sources of funding
  • Information about qualifying for Medicaid to pay for a nursing home
  • Real life examples of successful financial planning
  • A checklist of information you should have at hand now
  • Advice for getting help and coping as a caregiver
  • Information about how an estate planning and elder law attorney can help you now and in the future

Where else can you find all of this information in one easy-to-read source, and at no cost to you? Probably nowhere. Fill out the form on this page to request your copy today.

Miller Law Office, PLLC, Is Here for You

Attorney Aaron Miller knows how hard it can be when roles are suddenly reversed and you find yourself caring for the people who raised you. Unfortunately, this is simply the course life sometimes takes. You can make it easier on yourself and your loved one by being prepared for whatever happens. By reading our free book, you can educate yourself about the options available now to make this transition easier for everyone. If you have questions after reading the book, we welcome your calls and emails!

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