One of the most painful decisions that we make either as a spouse or as a child is where are we going to put mom now that she needs to be in a nursing home? And what I recommend is go visit several nursing homes; walk in there, see how the patients are being treated. If appropriate are there any activities going on, does it smell when you walk in? How is the interaction between the patients and the staff? One of the things that I also recommend is when you do find a nursing home that you like visit it on a regular basis. The people that get the best care are the people that have family members that come in and check on them on a regular basis and you also want to visit different times during the day and night, see how things are going while most people aren't there. You also want to make sure that you visit them frequently because one of the big problems with nursing homes is there's a lot of turnover; so you might have a great nursing home today, six months down the road they may have had some turnover and maybe they're not quite so great. So you want to make sure that you're always on top of it. If you get overwhelmed there are groups that do help you find nursing homes and if you need a referral for one of those, give us a call.