When people ask me about helping them selecting guardians for their children, a lot of times they think about maybe someone who has a lot of assets in their live who they could afford to raise the children. What I'd recommend is let's find who in your family, or who among your friends, you don’t even have to name family, who would raise those children as close as possible to as you would because you're not here to raise them anymore. Who has your same values about money, who has the same religious values, who disciplines the same as you do; again, as close as possible as we can because no one is going to be able to truly replace you. Those are the type of things that we talk about and then if there's not enough money there first of all let's see what type of assets that we have that we can leave the children so that they're raised the way that we want them to be raised. If we don’t have assets, we can bring someone in to make sure that there's enough insurance that can take care of that. So number one for me is let's figure out who can most closely raise those children as you would if you're not here.