A lot of people are concerned about how they're going to pay for long-term care. One of my biggest recommendations is see if you can get some form of long-term care insurance. I see a huge difference in my clients that have long-term care insurance and those that don’t. Now, not everybody can qualify for long-term care insurance or they don’t want to pay the premium. In which case, we can help you figure out what we can do to protect your assets. There's two different types of planning; you have pre-planning and you have crisis planning. If it's some point in the future that you're worried about nursing homes or long-term care, come and see us and we can do an analysis and figure out exactly how much assets we can protect and what we might be able to do to get those assets protected in case you do go into a nursing home. If you're in a nursing home or you have a family member in a nursing home it's still not too late. Come in and we can talk about what we can do to make sure we can protect as much assets as possible so that your loved one has money in case they need more additional care.