There's three basic requirements for Medicaid, you have a health test, an income test and an asset test. The health test they're going to look at do you have problems with your activities of daily living? Do you have problems feeding yourself, bathing yourself, clothing yourself, moving around by yourself, that kind of thing, going to the bathroom by yourself. They're going to look and see if you need to be in a nursing home. The income test they're going to look and see if you have more gross monthly income above the income cap limit and that changes every year. Then an asset test, they're going to look and see how much assets you have; there's two different ways to look at it depending on if you're married or single. That's why if you are concerned about going into a nursing home or if you have a loved one that's going into a nursing home, you need to talk to somebody who is qualified and has experience that can help you, walk you, through the process and make sure that you get qualified as soon as possible.