I believe every estate plan needs six different things; you need either a will or a trust or maybe both. You need a medical power of attorney that's something that allows someone else to make your medical decisions if you can't. You need a durable power of attorney, that's a document that let's somebody else make your financial decisions. You need a HIPAA release; HIPAA is that law that says your medical information is private unless you say otherwise and we tie that in your medical power of attorney. You also need a declaration of guardian. A lot of people say, hey, I don’t have kids, why do I need that? Well, this is a document that tells a judge that if you need a guardian later on who you want it to be; remember, it's all about control so you can list who you want to be your guardian or who maybe you don’t want to be your guardian. Then there's also the directive to physicians; everybody knows that as a living will. That's a document that says if I'm incapacitated and I can't communicate otherwise then I can decide whether or not I want to continue on life support or discontinue life support. So those are the six documents, I think everybody should have as part of their estate plan.